Watch now: Architecture in the Favela!



Favelas, urban settlements packed with ramshackle homes. Is there anyone in the world who is unaware of this reality?

So what is Architecture in the Favela?

Can you imagine?

This question is answered today during Open Week at UIA2021RIO on Weaknesses and Inequalities by two experts on this topic:

Alejandro Echeverri, the Colombian architect who headed up sweeping social and urban changes in his hometown of Medellín. His focus is on innovation and sustainability in projects for populations that live in informality – including due to migration.

With him for the first time is Argentine architect Jorge Mário Jáuregui, who spent more than thirty years engaged in all the favela upgrade initiatives undertaken in Rio de Janeiro, and also talks about his experiences in the Dominican Republic.

The moderator is Evelise Grunow, editor of Projeto magazine.

There’s no way of missing out on all this, right?

This discussion will be available free of charge for this week only! Don’t miss out!

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