UIA - ICC - "Achieving design excellence through international architectural competitions".

In preparation for the main week of the UIA World Congress of Architects taking place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (UIA2021RIO), the UIA International Competitions Commission (ICC) has prepared a Special Edition on the theme "Achieving design excellence through international architectural competitions". 

The online publication features contributions from architects involved in some of the UIA's endorsed competitions - competition organizers, jurors and winners - discussing the role of competitions in promoting excellence in architecture, sustainability and cultural diversity. 

With introductory remarks from UIA President Thomas Vonier on the value of competing  as well as an article by ICC Co-directors Regina Gonthier and Jerzy Grochulski on the value of design competitions, this special edition will provide insight on what the UIA's endorsement for an architectural competition means, how to get it and the impact it has on the winners' careers.