UIA - Election of UIA Bureau and Council members


7 JANUARY  2023

Election of UIA Bureau and Council members
29th UIA General Assembly, Copenhagen (Denmark)
6-9 July 2023

Dear President,

The UIA will hold elections for members of the UIA Bureau and Council during the 29th General Assembly in Copenhagen, Denmark (6-9 July 2023). The posts open for election are:

  • Eight Bureau members: Three serve international mandates (President, Secretary General, and Treasurer) while  five serve as Vice-Presidents (each representing one of the five UIA Regions). The Immediate Past President is an ex officio post and is not elected.
  • Twenty Council members: The Council represents the Union's five regions, with four Council Members per Region.

All posts will be filled during the Copenhagen elections, with all eligible Member Section delegations voting on all candidates. UIA Statutes provide that members of the UIA Bureau and Council serve for three-year terms. Certain members are eligible for re-election and others are not in accordance with these provisions of Article 16 in the statutes:

  • 16.3: The number of continuous terms of service on the Council for any one person, with the exception of alternates, shall not exceed three (3) terms, regardless of the number of different posts held. This provision does not apply to the Immediate Past President or Honorary President.
  • 16.4Persons who have previously served on the UIA Council for the maximum period of three (3) terms or nine (9) years continuously, shall again be eligible to run for election to Council after at least one three-year term of absence from the Council.
  • 16.5Candidates are allowed to submit their candidacy for a maximum of two (2) offices for each election.

Your Member Section may determine and record its election positions by downloading these documents from the private area of UIA website:

  • Three tables (A - B - C ) showing the current composition of the UIA Bureau and Council, with space for nominations for triennial period 2023-2026.
  • A list of UIA Council Members serving since 2014.
  • A list of UIA Bureau Members serving since 2014.
  • A list of all UIA Member Sections organised by Region.

To access the members’ area on the UIA website:
Password: memberUIA

Please use Tables A-B-C (available here) to send your nominations for:

  • The election of three Bureau members to serve international mandates (President, Secretary General, and Treasurer). All Member Sections in good standing may propose candidates for these posts.
  • The election of five Vice-Presidents: Member Sections may propose Vice-President candidates only for their own regions.
  • The election of twenty Council Members representing the five UIA Regions (four per Region): Member Sections may propose Council candidates only for their own regions.

The UIA General Secretariat must receive candidate proposals before the close of business (18:00 Paris time) on 7 April 2023. Member Sections must be up to date with payment of their UIA membership fees as of 22 May 2023 in order for their nominees to be eligible.

The functions and responsibilities of Bureau and Council members do not consist simply honorary of missions or a token presence during occasional meetings: they require financial support and an important time investment, with considerable and regular work. Please nominate candidates you know to be dedicated and hardworking.

After the close of nominations on 7 April 2023, nominees will be required to confirm their candidacies in writing, and to furnish all required formal nomination documents: an attestation of Member Section support, a brief professional résumé, a statement of policy positions (optional), and a signed conflict of interest declaration.

Please do not hesitate to contact the UIA Secretariat if you require any additional information and clarification.

We look forward to meeting you in UIA 2023 Copenhagen.

Warmest regards,

TAN Pei Ing
Secretary General