International Women in Architecture



The UIA Council recently approved the president’s appointment of a new UIA Committee, „International Women in Architecture,“ to advance the contributions, leadership and engagement of female architects in national and international organizations.

The committee now has five Council members, representing each of the five UIA Regions: Natalie Mossin (Denmark, Region I), Istelianna Atanassova (Bulgaria, Region II), Rim Safar Sakkal (Bolivia, Region III), Pei Ing Tan (Malaysia, Region IV), Jacinta Kabarungi (Uganda, Region V).

Society of Czech Architects is requested to nominate a woman architect to serve as a corresponding member of the new committee. We seek people who are ready to do voluntary international work, and able to contribute to our profession.

We invite interested candidates to send us a short presentation of their background and qualifications, with contact information, by October 30th 2020, to the following e-mail address:

We are also asked to involve female architects in our work, and to nominate qualified women colleagues for positions in UIA governance, Working Bodies and the triennial UIA awards and prizes. We invite female architects to join us, should they have such interests, and we hope to encourage together young women to become more involved in the international architectural community.

Please join us in continuing to advance and expand the contributions of women in architecture. With thanks for your support, and the confidence that will be a fruitful new step for our Union.