The UIA Architectural Practice Around the World (APAW) database is evolving to better respond to the needs of the Union’s Member Sections and architects around the world.  An initiative of the UIA Professional Practice Commission (PPC), the database will provide valuable information concerning architectural practice in UIA Member Sections. It will be based on seven main categories for each country:

  • General statistics on the architectural profession in the country
  • International Practice, information about relevant aspects of international ventures
  • Licensure Requirement, detailing continuing professional development, education and internship carry
  • Practice, detailing the activities architects can carry out, their liability or the insurances they need
  • Procurement, referring to the methods to obtain commissions or the way to calculate fair compensation
  • Education, dealing with standards, internship, examinations and titles
  • Regulation, regarding code of ethics, intellectual property, registration

James Wright, PPC Co-director: The goal of the APAW is to offer reliable, regularly-updated and actionable information to anyone with an Internet connection. This is the UIA at its best: using the combined power of its Member Sections to benefit the advancement of the architecture profession globally.

Weimin Zhuang, PPC Co-director: Let us set up this database for the UIA to share the experience of Architectural Practice Around the World (APAW), promote the sustainable development of Architectural Practice no matter where, and contribute to the realization of human well-being.

The graphic interface, in line with that of the UIA, has been improved to simplify and accelerate searching and navigation. The back end of the platform for use by Member Sections has an online form with user-friendly presentation and simple navigation structure. UIA Member Sections will also receive a user guide to help them access the questions and save their answers. Once submitted for validation, the information will be published on the front end of the APAW platform.

UIA Member Sections are invited to complete this database by 31 January 2021. The UIA also encourages its Member Sections to promote the database on their own websites and communication platforms.

View the APAW database:

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